MLS’s, pocket listings, anti-trust lawsuits and proptech.

“If you want to list a property for sale and have it syndicated out to all the major sites; Zillow,, Trulia, Redfin, which is to be expected of you from any self-respecting seller, you need MLS syndication technology.”

“I believe the grip the MLS has on anything is a bit overstated and exaggerated, as inevitably becomes the case when everybody is repeating what everybody keeps repeating.”


A map of all the REALTOR association controlled MLS’s
Its not rocket science. Realtors enter basic info, upload pics and presto.
Annual MLS fees
Annual REALTOR membership fee
Hand full of Realtor association chapters within a region
Bright MLS covers mid-Atlantic region

MLS syndication monopoly

NAR’s official position is that reduced commissions are bad. Reduced commissions means fewer agents entering the businses, paying NAR dues, of course.
Utah billboard wars
Buyers never sign this form, or see that their agent is attempting to change the commission the seller is willing to pay.
A look at the document Realtors use to force the hands of sellers, that buyers do not see or sign.

Pocket Listings

Propech initiatives

An MLS that doesn’t require REALTOR membership.



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John Fulton

John Fulton

Proptech contemplative. Obsessed with marketplaces.